Becoming Limitless™
The real reason you are not creating massive impact on the world and making revenue that changes your life is NOT your strategy, your haters, your age, or your experience.
It's YOU.
Ouch. I know. 
But here’s the truth sister. You are the bottleneck that is keeping all of that passion and vision and impact at bay.
All your doubts, your fears, your worries, your negative inner dialogue, and your limiting beliefs are the real obstacles and you are not only 100% responsible for changing them, you are 100% CAPABLE of changing them.
If what you truly deeply desire is to:
 Make a difference in the world (via business, politics, thought leadership, the corporate sector, or any other corner of the world)
 Leave a legacy that long outlives you and continues to help people
 Create the kind of abundance for you and your family that allows you to live life to its fullest and give to others from an overflowing cup
Then it is time to create the inside transformation that yields the outside results. Everything we do outside of ourselves is born from within.
So when self doubt, fear, anxiety, perfectionism, judgment, and lack of confidence are the daily challenges that suck up your attention, time, and energy, it’s nearly impossible for you to show up and fully shine that powerful light of yours out on the world.
And that is TRAGIC.
Why? Never has there been a time in modern history when women have been called to rise up in massive numbers and contribute our unique gifts to help change and heal the world. And you cannot be a contributor to that change if you are stuck in fear and lack and beliefs that hold you hostage. We need you to show up and shine!
My name is Kelly Sullivan Ruta and I am a psychotherapist turned Personal Mastery Speaker, Coach, and Mentor for female disruptors with the audacity to believe they can make a difference in the world and the courage to try.
Before I became a psychotherapist, I was treated by one for years. I struggled with severe depression, suicidal thoughts, anorexia, bulimia, anxiety, and panic attacks. There were days (weeks even) when I couldn't see any light at the end of the tunnel and I feared that my existence on this planet was truly a meaningless accident.
Once I learned to master my inner world and be in command of myself, I was able to change my entire experience of myself and the world. Now I enjoy a successful business, happy relationships, and the privilege of waking up feeling on fire and on purpose in this world. I have unshakeable confidence, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of being the greatest version of myself.
But I didn't get here by:
 1. Taking self help/personal development “courses”
 2. Reading ALLLLL the personal growth books
 3. Trying all forms of meditation and visualization
 4. Attending live events that create momentum (but don’t create ongoing results)
I’ve done all those things and many of them produced some good results! But what created massive shifts was doing the deep, inner transformation work.  
And now I teach how to do that work to women all over the world.
What would your life and your work be like if you could:
 Reconnect to your true desires (instead of what everyone else tells you you should be, do, and have)
 Create clear aligned vision with those desires
 Overcome imposter syndrome and finally learn to quiet that inner critic
 Face fear, anxiety, shame, and guilt and learn to move them from the driver’s seat to the back seat with courage and confidence
 Forgive old wounds and create compassion so you can widen your channels to receiving abundance
 Set limits and boundaries that help you be in command of yourself and your work/life
 Get into action that creates results without it having to be exhausting, full of hustle and struggle, or perfect
Would you finally:
 Write the damn book?
 Submit the TedX talk?
 Show up and market yourself on social media like the badass you are?
 Run for office?
 Hire a killer team to support you so that you could reclaim your freedom?
 Release all the relationships that suck the joy out of life?
 Go for the company promotion you deserve?
 Charge in alignment with the value you provide?
Take a deep breath my friend.
I am here to here to help you in a way you have never been helped before.
The solution to your fears, self doubt, and scarcity isn't reading another self-help book, going to another live event, buying the newest planner or app, or working 10 more hours a week.
And while I know you have tried all this on your own, and have even gotten some results, I also know it is time to make a wiser choice.
Women on the rise go faster and further when we go together.
“This program was extremely beneficial as it gave me the opportunity to commit real and regular time for my own self mastery, it showed me how much I had already done, offered a space to review it with a different perspective, dive much deeper where necessary and refocus on what matters to me. All while being in a group of dedicated independent women with the same goals.”
Michelle Quinn
-Michelle Quinn
INTRODUCING Becoming Limitless
A Transformational Personal Mastery Coaching Experience
Audrey Faust
-Audrey Faust
“This program was the most amazing investment in myself. I came into the program because I needed confidence in myself and to believe in my value and received that and so much more. I am a new, improved person who not only completely believes in herself but is now fearless. That was the bonus. 

Kelly helped me pinpoint my fears about being visible and completely overcome them. I have absolutely no fear around being visible, which wasn’t even why I joined but was a surprise bonus I never thought possible. I now have the mindset that I can literally do anything and overcome any fear. I am now the 2.0 version of myself, new and improved. Advice, show up always and do the work and it will work for you too!”
In this 6 month program, you and 9 other women will address every single area of your inner experience that creates blocks that stand between you and all you desire.
The experience includes:
 3 weeks of video modules every month that build off of each other and create momentum in your transformation. Each video comes with an audio recording, transcription, and actionable steps so that you aren’t just learning something new, you are BECOMING something new. (Value $2,997 USD)
 2 group coaching calls every month that allow each attendee the time and space to ask for what she needs and actually receive it! After 24 years I can truly say I am an expert at running groups. You will be part of a safe, grounded, supportive experience where there’s no room for competition, judgment, undercutting, or any other negative things that often permeate coaching groups. (Value $3,997 USD)
 A private Facebook group. No need to worry about navigating another unfamiliar platform or sharing personal things that everyone in the world can see. You will be inside a community of women who are there to learn and grow just like you. It’s literally perfect for practicing showing up and sharing your truth, accountability, and connection. (Value $997 USD)
 A 2-Day live retreat in Raleigh, North Carolina with your group! During these two days together we will go deep and close any open loops that remain for you before the program closes. This is a big reason why participants continue to enjoy forward momentum long after the program concludes. (Value $1,997 USD)
I teach this proprietary system of personal mastery because of what happens when women finally learn how to handle fear, doubt, and obstacles of all kinds with ease.
 You wake up every morning EXCITED to look at your day because you know time is on your side and you're in charge of it. It is not in charge of you.
 The resources, opportunities, and dollars come flooding into your experience because you are no longer resisting receiving abundance due to fear, shame, or avoidance. 
 You finally feel confident and brave regardless of what is happening in your business, career, or life. And no matter how scary the next step may seem, you take it knowing you are capable of handling anything that comes your way.
 You have a daily practice in place that anchors you in clarity, and helps you to create a new belief system that supports your dreams instead of constantly battling your 'what if' and self doubt. The time, energy, and joy that results is worth its weight in gold.
And of course I want you to start getting results before our time together even kicks off so I am including as a special BONUS, immediate access to the "Blow Up Your Money BS VIP Day" recording.
In this deep dive experience we will:
 Identify your money blocks and limiting beliefs (and you might be surprised at how many of them you are unaware of!).
 Connect the dots to reveal how these blocks are costing you thousands, if not HUNDREDS of thousands, of dollars.
 Learn how to reprogram those money blocks with an easy 30-day process.
 Learn three (not so) "secret" practical money tools I use that took me from over 50K in debt to "bad" debt free and more profitable than ever!
 Learn some of the easy peasy secret "hacks" I use to get your brain to implement your new money story.
(Value $497 USD)
Here’s something you should know about this program.
It is NOT for everyone.
If you:
 Cannot cover your month to month necessities like mortgage, utilities, food, and medicine
 Are stuck in being a victim and aren’t interested in shifting from blame to being empowered
 Truly believe that you must create your success all by yourself and do not want support or help along the way
 Need a ton of hand-holding
 Have never done any personal development work in the past
 Do not think your growth as a human being and your growth as a change agent are worth investing your money, time, and energy
Still with me? Awesome.
Now it’s time to make a decision.
You can keep doing what you’ve been doing for the next 6 months and hope things get better.
You can read more books, listen to your Audibles, make yet another vision board, mediate more, and work harder.
(How’s that been working so far?)
You can make a decision to finally take back your power so that struggle, hustle, overwhelm and burnout are a thing of the past.
“This program saw me through one of the most intense, challenging seasons in my life thus far. I'm unsure of how I might've coped had these women not had my back. They heard me and helped me move through all my many emotions during a time of great uncertainty without judgment or allowing me to feel like a victim of my circumstances.

Because of this experience, I am developing a new found sense of ease and flow in my life, we are on healthy, expanding new ground in our business, and I am growing into a new vision of what my own contribution to the world will look like. THANK YOU Kelly et al.”
Alex Mills
-Alex Mills
Cathy Carmody
-Cathy Carmody
“Because of this truly incredible and gold standard course, I have discovered and healed:

Generational money shame, feeling unsupported (beneath the surface) by the Divine/Universe/God, and feelings of being fundamentally flawed and unworthy. For real.

I didn't know these first two were a thing for me especially, and somewhat was aware of the unworthiness horse shit!! Because of this, I am now ready to take on the gaping hole in patient advocacy in my (oh so very close to launching) cancer coaching business, Together We Heal!!!!

Best money I have ever spent on myself, for real for real for real. P.S. show up and be vulnerable, ladies - there is so much love for you here!!! XOXO”
So, my friend. Are you OK with being in the 
exact same place you are 6 months from now?
If your answer is HELL NO, then click the button to apply for the next round of the Becoming Limitless Personal Mastery Experience.
Need a little more info?
Here are some FAQs:
 I’m not really a “group person." How is this different from other groups?
In SO many ways. First of all it is SMALL. Having 8-10 people in an experience promotes bonding and safety and connection and growth. Second, after 24 years, I am truly an expert at facilitating groups to create transformational results. I know so many of you have been burned inside a group experience. You can expect the opposite here.
 When does the next round start and finish?
We kick off with a welcome call the week of April 29 and the program closes Thursday, October 10, 2019.
 When will you be offering the program next?
I typically offer this program in January, April and September but it is never set in stone. If you apply during the middle of a round, you will automatically be added to the early bird list for the next round with access to special Bonuses!
 When are the trainings and calls for this round?
All the training videos will be released Mondays at 8am EST. You will have access to them for the lifetime of the program.
Our coaching calls will be Thursdays @ 1pm EST.
 What if I can’t attend the trainings live?
No problem, love. They will stay in the feed inside the facebook group so you can access them anytime, as many times as you’d like to watch them
 How are the Q&A calls handled?
Just like with my elite 1:1 clients, I hold all coaching calls via Zoom. It’s user friendly and let’s me unmute you so we can actually talk in person. They will be recorded so you can always go back and re-listen to your own coaching segment. I use a 4-A format so that we can go deep, fast. It will be taught to you as soon as you sign up.
 How much time should I allot per week for success in this program?
GREAT question. I will be teaching for approximately 40-60 minutes per week. You will have “homework” after each training so I would allot 60 minutes to watch and 60 minutes to take action every week. Our call length depends on the number of participants. I allot 15 minutes to each participant so they can have their personal needs met.
 How do I access the Bonus training?
As soon as you register and make your payment, you will be sent an email with a link to download the Blow Up Your Money B.S. Masterclass immediately. Just click and dive in!
 Do you offer refunds?
No ma'am and here’s why.  
I show up and deliver 110% no matter what.  
The first rule of success (thank you Jack Canfield) is being 100% accountable for YOUR OWN RESULTS. I cannot control whether or not you will choose to show up and give it your all to create your results inside this program. What I can promise is that if you do, we are going to co-create magic. But the choice to do so is fully yours. #noexcuses 
Should you need any other questions answered so that you can make a confident HELL YES decision about this program, please email my team at
Virginia MacCuspic
- Virginia MacCuspic
“Working with Kelly was pivotal for me. I knew I needed to work on my mindset and she skillfully guided me through learning not only that my emotions were controlling my life, but she gave me the tools to change the way I deal with my thoughts. Kelly is skilled at seeing through the bullshit and lovingly guides you through the work that creates transformation. <3”
“This program was worth its weight in gold because I removed the belief that my worth is tied to my income. I now know that I am priceless and because of this, I am now free to do work that feels purposeful and fulfilling to me and to the clients that I serve.”
Angela Keller
-Angela Keller
You only have until April 28 to claim one of the 10 spots and the Bonus material.
The program is filled on a first come, first served basis so click to apply now.
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