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Become a Mind Architect 
5 Insider Secrets to Build the Life of Your Dreams
 (From the Inside-Out)
A Free Masterclass on August 20 at Noon EST
with Expert Transformation Coach and Motivational Speaker,
 Kelly Sullivan Ruta 
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Hey there my ambitious, driven, visionary sister.
Like you, I’m a BIG dreamer... always using my creative mind to conjure up visions of my best life.

A life full of abundance of all kinds that includes my relationships, my health, my wealth, and my purpose (to name just a few).
After over two decades of being a psychotherapist, speaker, and coach and almost 3 decades studying personal development and the mind, I can unequivocally say I know how to get the he!! out of my own way and use my mind for what it was always meant to be.

But for most of you that isnt the case. You've tried reading books, making vision boards, journaling, attending live events, meditation (all of which helped a bit) BUT you are still left struggling with things like:
 Fear, worry, and a lack of confidence
 Frustration and self-doubt
 Working harder and longer but getting the same results (and they are not mind blowing)
 Borderline hopelessness-"Will this ever get better?", "How much do I have to sacrifice?", "Do I even deserve what I want???"
The worst part? Your best life is still an arm's length away.
Here is the good news.
The fact that you really don't know how to master your mind and intentionally use it to create your BEST life IS NOT YOUR FAULT!
(I don't know about you, but I took English Lit, Algebra and Chemistry in high school. NOT Mind Mastery.)
Which is why I am offering my newest masterclass, free of charge today!
Become a Mind Architect:
5 Insider Secrets to UsingYour Mind to
Construct the Life of Your Dreams
Join me Tuesday August 20 at Noon EST and I will share these secrets with you:

- The #1 thing you havent been honest about that is blocking you from receiving more of what you want (and nothing changes until this one thing does).

- The #1 thing you do not know about your mind which leaves you using this powerful tool to create struggle instead of ease and abundance (time to get educated so you can make better choices).

- The #1 secret weapon that lives inside your mind that the majority of the population does not know how to use, resulting in - you guessed it, more struggle.

- The power of your fear stories and how to shift them quickly so that fear, anxiety, overwhelm, and self-doubt are no longer the masters of your life.

- How to break the #1 cycle that leaves you thinking the same thoughts, being triggered by the same feelings, and making the same decisions that don't work out very well (let's be honest).

- And I will offer you a no-brainer solution to take back your power by learning a brand new skillset that leaves you in command of yourself and your mind, instead of feeling like you are powerless over it.

And that my friend, is a priceless, practical skillset you can put on rinse and repeat for the rest of your life.
Your struggles are the #1 threat to your ability to live your best life. 
I want to help you shift that RIGHT NOW.
Hi, I'm Kelly.
 I'm a seasoned psychotherapist turned speaker, coach, and soon-to-be author. 
I teach women across the globe how to transcend their upper limits, master their minds, and create unshakeable courage
and confidence so they can
live their best lives and pay it forward.
Virginia MacCuspic
Virginia MacCuspic
“Working with Kelly was pivotal for me. I knew I needed to work on my mindset and she skillfully guided me through learning not only that my emotions were controlling my life, but she gave me the tools to change the way I deal with my thoughts. Kelly is skilled at seeing through the bullshit and lovingly guides you through the work that creates transformation. <3”
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